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Point Pelee Sunset
Waubaushene Sunset
Costa Rica Sunset
Georgian Bay Sunset
Clouds Delight
Secret Sunset
Golden Silhouette
Fire and Ice
Firey Sky
Gentle Twilight
Welcome to my gallery!  Any photos you see here and many more images as well can be viewed and purchased from my website at Fine Art America.  Click on this link button to see all images or click the link button beside each gallery as you go.
Berry Hungry Bird
Heron in the Wind
Wise Owl
Great Horned Owl
Mallard on a Pond
Swan in Sunlight
Risky Perch
Winter Friend
Giant Lizard Cuckoo Bird - Cuba
Cuba Tody
Georgian Bay Pines
Infinite Blues
Rocky Bay
Rocky Reflection
Silver Sunlight
Lofty Heights
Misty Morning
River Invitation
Sea Cliff
Stormy Sea
Morning Monarch
Visiting the Daisies
Blue Morpho
Pine Perch
Black Beauty
Butterfly and Bee
Black Admiral
Monarch on Blossoms
Solitary Swallowtail
Resting Monarch
Resting Sheep
Mother and Child
Watching Tiger
Shady Rest
Roaming Polar Bear
I See You
Maurading Mink
Going Swimming
The Water is Wonderful
I'm a Bird - Really
Fancy Fly
Worker Bee
Blue Damsel Fly
Precarious Perch
Dragonfly on a Stick
A Wannabee
Blue Damsels Mating
Dragonfly on a Paddle
Dragonfly Laying Eggs
Red Damselfly
Costa Rican Orchid
Dreamy Dahlia
Double Delight
Apple Blossoms
Texas Rose
Pink Peonies
Trio of Daisies
Against the Blue Sky
Star Power
Dewy Whites
Africa - Big Cats
Africa - Giraffes
Africa - Elephants
Africa - Birds
Birds and Butterflies of Northern India